We feature a large selection of Pendleton blankets in all sizes, in many colors and many patterns. Pendleton has a century old tradition of making blankets using authentic indian motifs. Pendleton products are well known for their fine quality. They are 82% wool and 18% cotton. Because Pendleton uses all virgin wool and special processing their blankets are the softest wool blankets we have ever found. They are not harsh and scratchy like other wool blankets. We love them, and we believe you will too.

Because of Pendleton's tradition of weaving the finest quality blankets for Native Americans, and because of Pendleton's tradition of respect for Native American designs and beliefs, Art Legends is proud to offer Pendleton blankets. Pendleton blankets are used by Native Americans for many purposes including cermonies, trading, clothing and gifts. Non-Native Americans have realized that these beautiful blankets are wonderful decorative accessories in addition to providing warmth and comfort.

Pendleton Blankets

Legendary Collection

Buffalo Creation


Circle of Life (Elders) Female Storm

American Indian College Fund Collection

Pendleton is proud to support the work of the American Indian College Fund. Sales of these blankets fund scholarships for tribal students.

Hidatsa Earth Navajo Water Daughters of the Earth Baby Blanket Sons of the Sky Baby Blanket
Ribbon Dance Thunderbird and Whale  



Brave Star - FULL

Heroic Chief


Supernova - FULL, QUEEN, KING Pueblo Dwelling Harding - FULL



Spirit Guide


Santa Fe Saxony - Full, Queen, King


Spirit of the Peoples - FULL, QUEEN, KING

Thunder and Earthquake


Buffalo Roam - FULL Abiquiu Sunset - FULL, QUEEN, KING

Midnight Eyes - FULL, QUEEN, KING



Ceremonial Stripe


River People



Big Medicine


Newspaper Rock Super Chief  
Tamiami Trail Bright River Wuptaki
Coyote Tale Mission Mill Basket Dance
Glacieer Park Anniversary Lahaina Wave Journey West
Mountain Majesty Askutasquash Mt Hood
New West by Levis Love Me Star Wheels
San Miguel Grateful Nation  American Treasures



Mesquite Saddle Blankets


Buffalo Wilderness

Tribute Series


Other blanket styles available upon request.



 Chief Joseph Pillows

 Muchacho Baby Blankets


Pendleton pricing:

Full/Double Bed Blanket 64" x 80" $240.00
 Legendary Series Blankets 64" x 80"  $240.00
New West by Levi's and Love Me by Curtis King $290.00
College Fund Blankets priced individually - see each page  
Queen Size Blanket 86" x 90" $330.00
King Size Blanket 86" x 108" $380.00
Muchacho 32" x 44" $75.00
 Saddle Blankets 39" x 66" $140.00
Pillows 16" x 16" $65.00


Add $10.00 per blanket for shipping and insurance.

Add $8.00 per muchacho and saddle blanket for shipping and insurance.

Add $5.00 per pillow for shipping and insurance.


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